Child Resiliency

Sam Sharpe Teachers’ Child Resiliency Programm


Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College partners with the Child Resiliency Programme which is an arm of the Violence Prevention Alliance. This programme facilitates children from Flankers Primary, Granville Primary & Infant, Irwin Primary, Mt. Salem Primary & Junior High and Barracks Road Primary who visit the college three days per week to be involved in Literacy, Sports, Kung Fu, Music and Visual Arts classes. Additionally, they are given refreshments as well as being counselled as to how to deal with their social issues. These sixty (60) grade five children, were selected by their respective teachers due to their poor performance in reading and disruptive behaviour.

This event sThe Child Resiliency Programme began in 2006 as an outreach programme of the Hope United Church, under the umbrella of the Hope Counselling and Wellness Centre. It seeks to meet the needs of pre-adolescents and build on their competencies as the most effective strategy for preventing multiple problems. It also aims to focus on promoting physical, social, cognitive, vocational and moral competence.ees students and staff donating their prepared lunches in the dining room to persons in the community. On this day, students visit with, and bring lunches for persons at the infirmary, children’s homes, the hospice and nursing homes. Additionally, children from the schools as well as adults from the community are invited to come on campus. All our guests are fed, entertained and treated with packages of food, household and personal care items as well as clothing contributed by staff and students. Some guests, upon request, have their hair washed and combed, nails done and receive basic medical checks. The sentiments of thanks abound as the community members leave the college after an afternoon of dining and entertainment.

In 2014 the programme began operating out of the Violence Prevention Alliance, UWI and spread its wings to the Kingston YMCA, Boys Town, west Kingston, Falmouth All Age School and in September 2017 Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College. It is a collaborative effort between schools, community organizations, church, families and health services in order to build a broad enough network. The goal of the programme is the building of resilient children by a long-term developmental process that involves integration of schools, mental health services, church, and community organisations.

The following entities have partnered with the Child Resiliency Programme to make the project better: Tourism Enhancement Fund, American Friends of Jamaica, Joan Duncan Foundation JMMB, Japan-Latin American and Caribbean Ladies Association.

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